Whats 9chan?

9chan was a Russian-Language imageboard founded by Yuri Kuznetsov on March 14th, 2005. It ran in an extensive networking company called the Kolyma Network. Unfortunatley due to a court order, 9chan was shut down and the domain was seized. Kuznetsov no longer operates 9chan or any other branch of it. See More...

Whats Kolyma?

Kolyma (or, the Kolyma Network/KolymaNET) is a multipurpose internet archive service, webhost, and overbranch company created by Kuznetsov to act as a legal parent to 9chan. The Kolyma Network is a registered company in the United States. Most everything run by 9chan Central Group (the Moderators, Administrators, and Overseers of the site) is trademarked and copyrighted by the Kolyma Network. The Kolyma Network is still active and running to this day. See More...

Whos Kuznetsov?

Kuznetsov (commonly just known as "kuz") was the founder and lead administrator of 9chan and the Kolyma Network. He is still active today and can be found on his personal site, or on one of several other websites he owns and runs, such as Heyuri.net or Kolyma.jp.

Whats left?

9chans Archive Itself, at least of now, is locked and unable to be accessed by anyone other than the 9chan Administrators. Many 9chan users have instead chose to hang out and socialize at the 9chan Discord Server (EN).