16 Years of 9ch

10 Years of nc9ch

A lifetime of memories

and no regrets.

16 years.

Thats such a crazy number to me.

16 years ago on this day, I was sitting in my little farmhouse, on an old dell, writing PHP code which would later form into what we now know as 9ch.

Thats how 9ch began — and since, its been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Throughout the years it was around, it wasnt a wholly positive experience. But if not for the bad moments, the good wouldnt mean anything.

16 years.

16 Years. 9ch is older than most internet users. I cant really get that number through my head. It feels like just yesterday I was shitposting on apiru with my fellow duraks.

Even through the shutdown, what we loved persevered.

Now, in times of desolation, we are scattered across the runet, but in our hearts, we are still like one.

sixteen years.

16 years of 9chan, and I regret nothing.

Love, kuzzykins.

9ch. 2005-2017